Start Winning the Backlink Battle and stop Worrying about having your website knocked out of their ranking again!

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October 23, 2012 by MobiBlogger

Remember the good old days when backlinking was as easy as:

·         Blog Commenting
·         Social Bookmarking
·         Building Simple Linkwheels with sites like Squidoo and Hubpages
·         Submitting Your RSS Feed To Directories
·         Creating Profiles on High PR Community Sites
·         Mass Submission To Article Sites & Blog Networks  
But then  
 GOOGLE  GAVE  A  BIG  SLAP ,and  CHANGE  ITS ALGORITHM and  starts to change  the Serach  Engine Ranking  system with  new factors  which may cause the following :-  
·         Blog Commenting may get overrun  by spamming software
·         Social Bookmarking has high  possibility   to get slapped for being a numbers game due to automation
·         Linkwheels chances  of getting slapped  is very high for being too obviously self serving
·         RSS Feed Directories may also  get  slapped for being link farms 
·         High PR Profile Backlinking became a victim of it’s own problematic  rise
·         Article Sites & Blog Networks is  being strongly monitored and  also will most  probably  to  get  slapped as having predictable footprints
Thus  meeting all Online Marketers  SEO goals though backlinking has never been more challenging than before , or even  more necessary…A lot of marketers  have started using expensive monthly services that promise to build up to  thousands backlinks every month using  all kind of  backlinking  methods, bet even these SEO services are having more and more trouble keeping the backlinks indexed so that their customers get the results they expect. 



The Whole Scenario   has therefore brings us around to asking the question that so many marketers  are struggling with right now:
“What should online Marketer   do about backlinking for SEO when even the SEO professionals are banging  their head against  the  Wall  in frustration?”
Staying current enough with Google New   updates to do your backlinking is a tough job  and marketers  are still looking for the best solution to  keep their  product pages  or   main sites up to date with Google  acceptable content  while moving ahead with your new projects.
Fortunately, it isn’t as hopeless as it sounds.  Allow us to let you in on a little secret:
Google wants what Google has always wanted!  
They’ve just gotten constantly better at filtering out what they don’t want!
Google wants backlinks as part of unique content and social media & bookmarking involvement that shows interaction with your site and your content across multiple channels.  And they  want Marketer  to respect  more White Hat SERP
Which we all know is actually not at all realistic either.
The answer to this dilemma?
Let Us Do It For You With

Google has now made it almost impossible to build back links manually, With the recent Panda and Penguin updates it now makes it very time consuming and  if marketers  have  to build high quality, relevant , page rank baclink it would take you months to build just 1 profitable website especially  if they  insist  to use blackhat  method
This is why 95% of people are failing building an online business, they are not doing things the white hat preferred method.
Why White-That Methods Will Bring You More Profits!
Power SEO Ranker is a back Linking Tool That works fastso that you can spend more time doing the things you want!
Our Software gives Google exactly what they want so that you can rank on page once and never have to worry about being knocked out of your search engine ranking again.
There are only a few ways left to rank your websites higher in the search engines!
This has made the process simpler to understand because there is only one way left go!
Power SEO Ranker, white-hat Software will help You build the following back links from:
–          Relevant Forums
–          Relevant Blogs
–          Relevant Competitors Back Links
–          Relevant Edu & Gov Links
–          Relevant Squidoo Lenses
–          Relevant Wikipedia Pages
This Method Strengthens Your website and Increases Your Traffic to feed the Panda and Penguin Increases Your Traffic to feed the Panda and Penguin So That You’ve giving them the right back links.
These methods will build and secure your Websites Ranking for the long term!
If you are tired of getting slapped around by Google then scroll down and buy power SEO Ranker to start Building a long term Profitable business.
Increase Traffic Now With
Power SEO Ranker!
The Most Powerful Back Linking Software on The Internet Today!
A New Secret Weapon
You do Not start building High quality relevant back Link You will continue to struggle building a solid online business for you and your clients.
Start Winning the Battle and stop Worrying about having your website knocked out of their ranking again!
The  PowerSEO Ranker  includes parts of each and every one of the methods listed above, but structured to be truly without footprint to avoid the dreaded slap.  
And since there is no discernible pattern, the risk of deindexing is little to nothing.  Our automation techniques are so unique that even the creators of the tools used aren’t aware of them.  
Nothing about this service is the least bit Black Hat.  It is designed to mimic truly organic growth of content and backlink syndication.

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