Full Automated Search Engine Optimization –Changelog V 2.99 with Article Submission, Social Bookmarking and Document Sharing Features

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October 23, 2012 by MobiBlogger

GSA Search Engine Ranker – Latest *UPDATE* Enhanced with Article submission and Document sharing ,Video Submission and Social Bookmarking Features

Yes , GSA has further  Updated  its Module with enhanced Backlink Creation feature with NO changes in its offered Price ( Price may change anytime )
GSA Search Engine Ranker 
New version of GSA has been  released to Version 2.99 .
There has  been  many new  improvements  to its  software features  and the  following  are  the more outstanding  changelog   which makes the GSA  leads in the forefront  leaving  its competitors behind
Now  it come with : 
2.57 – new: some more article engines added (Article Script, Article Dashboard)
2.56 – new: added some more article engines (ArticleMS, Article Friendly, Article Directory Pro)
– new: added IMPORT for ping URLs
2.55 – new: MediaWiki engine added – new: improved verification by form search – new: entered categories during submission get saved – new: some engines improved
2.54 – new: search engines updated – new: added Scutter as new engine – new: icons fixed – new: some engines improved
From version 2.50 the GSA Search Engine Ranker support Social Bookmark module .
 and  add PHPDug as new engine
Now you can use GSA Search Engine Ranker to also build the bookmark backlinks .
Both  Social  bookmarking  features and article submission  has been  the most frequent and proven  Traffic generation tools  since Web 2  introduction ,and  inclusion of  both tools  inclusive New Video and document sharing features creates more versatility for the GSA software .  . The software  now works  with added boost in engine speed  now exceed all other  Automatic Search optimization Software  and  has the Leading edge of this  Technology  
GSA Search Engine Ranker  recent Changelog from V 2.4
The  changelog is a log or record of changes made to the GSA  project  which  usually update  including such records as bug fixes, new features, etc.  GSA search Engine ranker satisfy all Customer and existing user with frequent update for their  purchase software  to ensure  their program  will be able to utilise all the new enhanced features
Or Buy the GSA Search Engine Ranker On GSA Official Site.
2.53 – new: added PHPDug as new engine
– new: improved Pligg again
– new: improved search on websites
– new: ability to import proxies in format (ip:port:login:password)
2.52 – new: improved email valication
– new: improved new pligg engine
– new: search validation is threaded now
– new: use “-autostart” as parameter to automatically press Start button
2.51 – fix: minor bug in pligg engine
– new: optimized gui a bit
– new: category box abort able with ESC
2.50 – new: script engine support now sites with accounts only
– new: added PLIGG engine
– new: user gets asked to fill categories if none matches
– new: improved blog engines
– fix: one option didn’t get loaded on program start (not shown but used correctly)
2.49 – new: improved some engines
– new: added more default blog comments
2.48 – new: improved engines (more localized footprints)
– new: improved recaptcha support
– new: cookie handling speed improved
2.47 – new: added over 1000 prefixed answers for questions so you don’t have to fill them
– fix: minor issue with cookies provided by web servers in uncommon format
2.46 – new: internal support for recaptcha
– new: improved a lot engines again
– new: your answers to questions will now be remembered (if submission was
successful) even after restart
2.45 – new: two engines improved
– new: export of project filters (use popup menu as there is no extra button next to the list)
– new: export of proxies to file
– new: improved whois detection again
2.44 – new: sites with tags like {website}, {0} or [url] will get used
to generate statistic/whois/redirect links (you can import them e.g.)
– new: again improved whois/statistics site detection
– new: country icons for verified urls
2.43 – new: improved whois/statistics/redirect detection
2.42 – new: improved search engines
– new: ability to check search engines by county/mask (popup menu)
– new: added [Redirect Only] backlink detection
– new: improved [Statistics Only] backlink detection
– new: some engines improved
– new: script language improved
2.41 – fix: bug in another search engine parsing fixed ( duh :/ )
2.40 – new: proper charset encoding according to website settings
– new: improved whois/statistic site detection
– new: less memory usage
– new: updated gui a bit
– new: ability to restore default values when editing a project
Should be done for guestbooks-, image- and forum-comments why you use the defaults
– new: speed improved a bit
– fix: big bug which caused projects to automatically stop 

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