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October 23, 2012 by MobiBlogger

Singapore is Ruled By Law Not By Men ,But Yet Their Casino is Still Ruled by Money

Singapore  has reinvented  itself  with  new casino experience with its  Marina Bay Sands Resort.  
The Country famous  for  being  the “ Country Ruled by Law  and Not By Men  “
Yet  will not be  able to override by  the fact  that  “Gambling  is still  Ruled  By Money .
Asia   before  is not  a totally  untapped market when it comes to gambling , especially  with Macau   leading  its  role  and was the first  target  to  be  enrolled  by the Las Vegas  Sands  Corporation with multiple resorts  and  this  gambling  corporation truly have the foresight   and is quick   to recognise  Singapore’s potential ,  as  it is  located  near to  several  highly  populated countries  like India , Indonesia  and China .
Beside being a Non-  Muslim country  in Asean ,  with the best Airport ,the country  will  totally enjoy  freeflow of visitors to their Casino  and gamblers in nearby  major countries  just  need a nice   place to  place their  bets .  
Singapore  has  since  changed  their   laws to make gambling a legitimate practice in 2005, allowing  them  to setup  two large scale developments that would include casinos. The move was part of the nation’s continuing effort to develop its  image   as not  being  a too strict  and  stringent  economy but  one of  vibrant  lifestyle with    sprawling entertainment and hospitality complex.  

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